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  • The Missing Element of Intention in a Hub and Spoke Agreement

    Akshata Singhvi Introduction A wheel has three components, the hub, a spoke and a rim. In a Hub and Spoke (H&S) Agreement, hub is the common retailer (or supplier), spokes represent competitors at the same level in the production cycle, whereas rim is the agreement between a hub and a spoke or between the Spokes.…

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  • Assessing Obligations Under the Digital Competition Bill 2024

    Tanya Mahajan Introduction: The objective of the Digital Competition Bill (“DCB”) is to impose mandatory obligations upon Systemically Significant Digital Enterprises (“SSDEs”) and Associate Digital Enterprises (“ADEs”), to ensure the fairness, contestability, and transparency of markets. These obligations seem to have been derived from two main sources: (i) The Anti-Competitive Practices (“ACPs”) identified by the…

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  • Examining 2023 Draft Combination Regulations: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

    Tanya Mahajan Introduction Having obtained presidential assent on 11th April 2023, the Competition Amendment Act, 2023[1] is being implemented in a staged manner to rework the competition regime within the country. In line with this Amendment, the new proposed merger control regime has also been issued by the CCI. This draws our attention to the…

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“In the realm of business, competition law serves as the guardian of fairness, fostering an ecosystem where innovation thrives, consumers benefit, and the true essence of competition propels progress”


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